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Meet Our Team: Chief Pilot Kit McCulley

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Meet Our Team: Chief Pilot Kit McCulley

Kit McCulley, Chief Pilot for Aero Capital Flight Services

We recently took the opportunity to speak with our Chief Pilot, Kit McCulley, and asked him about his experiences flying for AC Flight Services and his time serving in the military.

At AC Flight Services, the core of our success lies with the skills and personalities of the people on our team. Each and every member is dedicated to providing top-notch service and an unparalleled charter flight experience. Get to know our Chief Pilot, Kit McCulley, and see why he is an integral part of the AC Flight Services experience.

Becoming a Pilot

Did you always want to be a pilot?

“Many of my classmates applied to the Naval Academy with the goal of becoming Naval Aviators. I went there because I was recruited to play football, and aviation was the best choice for me to fulfill my obligation. Twenty years later I retired as a Commander and it never felt like work, particularly when I got to fly.”

What was your career path to becoming a pilot?

“I earned my Navy wings in October of 1980 and spent time later in my career as a Navy Flight instructor.”

What is the best piece of advice you received during your training as a pilot?

“There are three things of no use to the pilot: Altitude above you, runway behind you and fuel in the truck.”

What was your first flight?

“A T2 Buckeye demonstration flight as a midshipman. It influenced my service selection, and was my first exposure to Pensacola.”

What are the big differences between your military pilot experiences and your private flight experiences?

“Our goal for AC Flight Services’ charter flights is to make the flight as smooth and trouble-free as possible. We want our passengers to feel as though they are not even moving so they can enjoy themselves or prepare for their destination. This is obviously not the goal on military flights.”

Favorite Places and Flights

What’s your most memorable flight?

“My most memorable recent charter flight was in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. We flew a group of soldiers and their families home from Walter Reed for Thanksgiving.”

Do you have a favorite destination or airport?


What do you love about your job?

“What job? My best days in the Navy were when I got to fly.”

What is your favorite aircraft and why?

“It’s always my current aircraft. I really like the Cessna Citation V. It’s fast, reliable and has SUV-like versatility. Our passengers really like it, too.”

Advice from the Pilot

What advice would you give to potential customers?

“One piece of advice I can give is related to luggage types: I love soft duffel bags. Our Cessna Citation V has lots of cargo space, both inside the cabin and in external cargo holds, that can handle all types of luggage. However, our jet seems to consume those soft bags one after another.”

What’s the biggest change in aviation during your flying career?

“The advances in avionics have been huge in recent years, adding greatly to our situational awareness, making information more accessible and increasing safety. We have upgraded our flight management system with twin Garmins giving us access to NEXRAD weather and navigation charts. All of the information we need is clearly visible on the multi-function display along with our jet’s position.”

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