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Fast Organ Transportation Helps Save Lives!

Fast organ transportation saves lives

Every ten minutes, someone new is added to the national transplant waiting list. On average, twenty-two people die each day while waiting for one of these transplants. At Aero Capital Flight Services, our jet swiftly performs organ transportation and private travel for surgical transplant teams to help save lives.

Private Jet Charters for Surgical Teams and Organ Transportation

Organ transplants are a lifesaving miracle of modern medicine, especially when it involves children and patients with rare blood types. The urgency and seriousness of these situations make air transit one of the quickest organ transportation methods available. Helicopters are unbeatable for short distances in emergency situations. However, a chartered private jet excels at traveling longer distances quickly and efficiently.

Unlike commercial flights, charter jet services work on your time schedule and accommodate individualized needs for surgical teams. After arriving at the chosen destination, our jet is quickly ready to turn around. This customized, quick service allows you to get home to your family without the long lines or delays common at commercial airports. Additionally, small jets have access to a variety of smaller airports, many of them closer to local hospitals and surgical centers.

Prepare for Your Arrival in Privacy

During organ transportation flights, medical professionals often need to discuss sensitive information and prepare for the upcoming procedure. Developing a game plan and familiarizing your team with case details is made easier with fold-out tables, comfortable swivel chairs and the overall privacy of our jet. Additionally, on your way home you can sit back and relax after accomplishing your task in the solitude that only private travel provides.

Call Aero Capital Flight Services For Organ Transportation

Private chartered flights from Aero Capital Flight Services are a great way to transport surgical teams and organs destined for transplant. We are proud of the opportunity to serve these medical heroes and to give those in need a second chance at life. As the only private jet charter in Pensacola, Florida, we can help you and your team travel where you need to go. Need organ transportation for a procedure in Pensacola, Florida? No need to worry, we can come and get you! Contact us today!