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Visit Florida’s Melting Pot: Miami!

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Visit Florida’s Melting Pot: Miami!

Enjoy diverse culture while visiting Miami

As one of the top vacation destinations in the country, Miami offers a variety of vibrant cultures and fun activities for its guests. Known as an international melting pot, the city celebrates its diversity through food, art, and various forms of entertainment such as music and festivals. 

With so much waiting for you to experience, why spend time waiting in line with the commercial airlines? Flying private allows you to reach your destination faster! Which means more time on the ground taking in everything Miami has to offer! While exploring this southern Florida City, make sure to visit the Monkey Jungle, lounge on South Beach and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Ancient Spanish Monastery.

Monkey Jungle

Established in 1935, the Monkey Jungle is home to over 300 primates from South America, Asia and Africa that run free on a 30-acre preserve. As one of the few protected habitats for endangered primates, there are an abundance of species here for guests to learn about.

Although tours of the Monkey Jungle are self-guided, there are adventures and presentations offered such as the “Cameroon Jungle,” “Mandrills” and “Parrots of the World.” To fully immerse yourself into the habitat, try the “Rainforest Adventure Tour”. This tour allows you to be in closer proximity to the primates.

South Beach

South Beach is known throughout the world for its scenic beaches and its fabulous Art Deco District. Built during the period between 1924 and 1923, the Art Deco District is a collection of 800 historic buildings painted in iconic pastel colors.

Many of these preserved structures have awnings covering outdoor dining areas overlooking the beach and Atlantic ocean. While on South Beach, don’t miss out on world-class boutique shopping or catching a pro volleyball tournament!

Ancient Spanish Monastery

Officially known as the Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux, monks inhabited this Spanish church for nearly 700 years before it was taken over and sold during the 1830s. In 1925, William Randolph Hearst purchased the cloisters and the monastery’s outbuildings, dismantled them and shipped to the United States.

Due to Hearst’s financial problems the stones were stored in crates for 26 years and reassembled in their current location. Today, it is an active congregation that welcomes both churchgoers and guests. The tranquil gardens and quiet, serene atmosphere make this attraction a must see when visiting Miami, Florida!

Let Us Take You to Miami!

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