Cancun Vacation Appeals to Tourists Across the Globe

Cancun Vacation Appeals to Tourists Across the Globe

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Cancun Vacation Appeals to Tourists Across the Globe

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We have a feeling you could use some quality rest and relaxation. A Cancun vacation offers just what you need to recharge from your stressful life. Experience Mexico’s most famous tourist destination. Here you can bum around beautiful beaches, tour the ancient Mayan civilization or shop in the unique downtown markets.

Cancun Vacation Created for Tourists

Lucky for us, Mexico recognized the potential for Cancun to attract millions of visitors. By April 20, 1970, the Cancun resort project began. Mexico unveiled Cancun and its white beaches to the world in 1974. Ever since then, people have flocked to the beautiful planned site in the Caribbean.

This once undeveloped peninsula now consists of unparalleled resorts, beach and water activities, unique shops and upscale shopping malls, trendy restaurants and nightclubs, ancient Mayan ruins and other attractions. A Cancun vacation boasts many activities to explore.

Some of the World’s Top Beaches

Get into the laid-back island vibe on the Cancun area’s scenic white beaches. You can take a 20-minute ferry ride to Isla Mujeres and the pristine Playa Norte or visit Playa Delfines, a popular public beach with locals.

While at Isla Mujeres snorkel, scuba dive or take a glass bottom boat to see the Undewater Museum of Art.  The world’s largest underwater sculpture museum founded in 2009 consists of over 500 life-sized and monumental sculptures.

A turtle sanctuary on the small island harbors loggerhead, hawksbill and green turtles that weigh as much as 600 pounds. It releases about 125,000 turtles annually. However, one of 1,000 end up surviving.

Besides the crystal blue Caribbean waters, you may want to take a dip in one of Mexico’s 7,000 naturally occurring cenotes. Meaning “abysmal and deep” in Spanish, these sinkholes form from porous limestone. Many visitors choose Cenote Dzitnup, one of the largest cenotes.

Attractions on Your Cancun Vacation

Swim with dolphins, tour the Interactive Aquarium, play the Golf Club at Pok-Ta-Pok or even go deep sea fishing. But one of the top attractions near Cancun is the eco-oriented and family friendly Xenses. This outdoor amusement park gives visitors 15 sensory experiences on land and in water, such as swimming into mineral-rich mud, zip-lining in a bird costume and hiking through a dark jungle.

Visit Ancient Mayan Ruins

The Mayans inhabited this area of wetlands, mangroves, jungles and beaches until the15th century. Chichen Itza is one of the most visited ancient sites in the world with 1.4 million exploring it a year. This ancient city served as the center of Mayan culture from about A.D. 600 to 1200. It includes a massive step pyramid, known as El Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan. Graphic stone carvings survive on many structures. Nightly light and sound shows highlight the sophisticated geometry of the Mayan architecture.

Additionally, excavated El Rey ruins date to 250 A.D. and encompass 47 buildings, including a pyramid-shaped temple. The Yamil Lu’um archaeological site from the 13th century features a small, gray stone temple atop a beachfront hill.

Shop Local Markets in Cancun

Sure you can shop one of the malls, such as La Isla Shopping Village, but many enjoy the local handmade arts and crafts found in Mercado 28. This downtown Cancun market features more than 100 unique, vibrant stores.

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