Should You Fly by Jet or Prop to Your Can’t-Miss Business Meeting?

Should You Fly by Jet or Prop to Your Can’t-Miss Business Meeting?

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Should You Fly by Jet or Prop to Your Can’t-Miss Business Meeting?

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Jet or prop aircraft? Which option is the best choice to fly you and your team to that can’t-miss business meeting in Las Vegas? Arrive to your destination fast and on time in a private jet from Aero Capital Flight Services. Our Cessna Citation V turbofan-powered jet can take you straight there without stopping. Additionally, it gives you quiet and comfortable seating, so you can prepare on the way. Read on to learn about even more advantages to booking a jet over a prop aircraft to reach your important meetings.

Jet or Prop to Your Business Meeting?

One of the main questions our passengers ask us at Aero Capital Flight Services involves whether they should fly a jet or prop aircraft to their important destination. While the answer may be obvious to us, we enjoy educating air travelers about the many advantages of flying a private jet versus flying a propeller-powered plane.


From our exclusive executive services to the speed of our jet, we save you time, which saves you money. We have no security agents or lines. We takeoff when you tell us to takeoff. Additionally, our Cessna flies up to 410 knots or 472 mph. Generally, propeller aircraft operate optimally at slower speeds, traveling typically at 300 knots or 345 mph.


We can fly up to 2,000 miles non-stop. That puts a majority of the continental United States within our jet’s reach in a direct flight. Prop planes usually have non-stop ranges of 1,500 miles. But many fly best for puddle jumps of 500 to 700 miles at most. This occurs because prop engines tend to lose efficiency at higher speeds, so they more commonly fly shorter distances.

Besides our range, our jet can land at more than 3,500 minor, less congested airports. This often provides for a more pleasant trip and saves you even more time.


We typically fly at 42,000 feet avoiding both airline traffic and bad weather. This means a smoother ride. Another advantage of flying higher altitudes is less drag. That allows our jet to travel at faster speeds and gain more fuel efficiency.

Commercial jets cruise around 35,000 feet. Meanwhile, prop aircraft that travel between 250 mph to 400 mph fly at 18,000 to 30,000 feet. The optimum altitude range of about 25,000 feet allows props to burn less fuel.


We allow our customers to travel in style. We offer plenty of cabin space with the Citation V measuring 17.4 feet long, 4.8 feet wide and 4.8 feet high. Our comfortable seating boasts extra-wide leather seats that recline 60 degrees and rotate 360 degrees.

Unlike most propeller-powered planes, our jet produces less noise and vibration. Not only does this provide a more pleasurable flight but makes it easier to get work done in the air. In fact, the National Business Aviation Association found in a 2009 survey that executives reported being 20 percent more productive in the air than in the office.

Plus, our executives receive more than peanuts. Our jet features a stocked mini bar, iced drinks, hot coffee and refreshments for our passengers. Other highlights include an entertainment system and internet service while in the air.


Bring everything you need for your important meeting, even your golf clubs for later. The Citation V provides an external baggage area of 46 cubic feet, which is the same as a Chevrolet Suburban SUV with all of the seats up. An additional 28 cubic feet space exists inside the cabin.

Find Out the Benefits of Flying a Private Jet with Us!

We don’t make up bogus arguments to convince passengers to fly our Cessna Citation V — one of the most highly-praised jets by executives. Book a flight today with Aero Capital Flight Services and experience the advantages of jet travel firsthand!