Picking Up Passengers on the Way to a Big Meeting
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Picking Up Passengers on the Way to a Big Meeting

aero capital flight services picking up passengers

You and your collaborators in the Southeast will never be late to the big meeting again when you fly a private jet. Our flexibility allows picking up passengers along the way easily and quickly. We have no long waits for luggage, airport security or boarding. We go where you want to go and we leave when you want to leave. Take advantage of the numerous benefits that come with flying a private jet.

Picking Up Passengers Along the Way

You have an important meeting that members of your team must attend and you need to get there fast. The group lives in various places that will require a stop or two. Relax and hire a private jet for this spur-of-the-moment business trip. Flying privately comes with several advantages.

Unlike a commercial flight, we can make several stops quickly and efficiently on the way to your destination. We have no delays that you find in a traditional airport. No waiting for luggage, passing through the TSA security checkpoints or boarding the airline. In fact, the average wait time is about five or six minutes for a private flight. If you arrive late, we will wait.

We can fly to multiple locations in a short time. Tell us where you need to go and we can get you and your group there. Likely, we will land even closer to where you want to be. Private jets have about 10 times more airports to choose from than commercial airliners, who often have ties to certain major airports or hubs.

Private Jet Offers Privacy

Need to talk shop on the way to the meeting? On a private jet you can as we continue picking up passengers. Your team has all the privacy you need to get ready. No one will be able to eavesdrop on your conversation and listen to trade secrets or sensitive information. Being on a private plane is like being in your own living room.

While we fly about 40,000-feet off the ground, you and your team can continue to tackle work. Our jet makes this even easier by providing free Wi-Fi for texting and email.

Comfort and Safety Included

Forget the cramped seats and bumping elbows with other passengers. Don’t worry about that bag of peanuts either.

We have luxurious accommodations with comfortable leather chairs that allow you and your co-workers to spread out with your contracts, documents or other work. Plus, we have options for catering and beverages in the cabin, even with all the picking up passengers we will do on the private flight. Stay fed and hydrated.

Our flight crew guarantees your peace of mind. You can relax knowing our private jet operators have years of experience. They follow the best practices and subscribe to the highest safety standards.

For Multiple Pick Ups Call Aerospace Capital Flight Services!

No available direct commercial flights? Have a group that requires us picking up passengers at multiple locations? Need to reach your meeting fast? Call Aero Capital Flight Services to save you headaches and time!