Wellness Travel a Hot Trend in the Tourism Industry

Wellness Travel a Hot Trend in the Tourism Industry

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Wellness Travel a Hot Trend in the Tourism Industry

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Vacations have become more than trips to see cool stuff in exotic locations. Nowadays, a growing number of people travel to improve their health and wellbeing. The Global Wellness Institute predicts so-called wellness travel to skyrocket by 37 percent to $808 billion over the next three years. An endless number of wellness destinations exist from places, such as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which offers a cardio work out in front of classic masterpieces. A Tucson, Arizona resort provides a healing Nâga experience and other mind and body enrichments. Meanwhile, a Tennessee adventure park near Gatlinburg allows hiking, zip-lining and other thrilling outdoor adventures.

Wellness Travel Outpacing Other Tourism Activities

Wellness travel has become one of the fastest growing pursuits in tourism. It has ballooned 50 percent faster than the overall tourism industry. Travelers take a whopping 586 million wellness trips each year, which eats up 15 percent of the global travel pie. Only cultural tourism ranks higher.

Cities, hotels, retailers and other health nuts have all taken notice. In part, because wellness travelers spend 130 percent more than the average traveler.

Highly popular wellness activities include those seeking to improve their minds and bodies with soothing diversions to fitness fanatics and adventure seekers. Wellness traveling includes everything from massages, yoga, martial arts and healthy cuisine to fitness classes, hiking, cycling, surfing and other sports and outdoor activities.

Three Suggested Wellness Travel Trips

With so many wellness destinations to choose from, we have chosen three that you and your family might enjoy. Of course, you can tap into the wellness industry yourself and tailor your own gratifying trip.

Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona

Need a cure for feeling burned out? This resort in the Catalina Mountains has become well-known around the globe as a premier destination for life betterment. Miraval offers a variety of services from its expert staff who help restore their clients physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual balance. This wellness destination provides more than 120 wellness activities.

One popular activity includes a healing Nâga experience. Thai massage masters created Nâga, which employs strands of hanging colored silk that support the therapist and client. Nâga relaxes and restores circulation with deep massage and stretching.

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

This world-renowned museum created a 45-minute workout in January 2017. This exclusive Museum Workout was choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes & Company and the narration and route was created by Maira Kalman. Led by two ladies in sequined dresses and sneakers, people sweat doing various cardio exercises, such as jumping jacks in front of a marble statue of a nude Perseus, as pop music blares in the background.

Before the art gallery opens to the public, the workouts occur at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. After all the speed walking, side-to-side stretches and jumping while pumping their fists, the exercise session ends with coffee, clementines, and bread and butter.

Foxfire Mountain Adventures in Sevierville, Tennessee

This family-owned and operated 150-acre adventure park was converted from a family farm in 2010. Near Gatlinburg, this park sits in a picturesque setting surrounded by Bear Wallow Mountain, Prosperity Mountain and Foxfire Mountain. The site includes the East Prong of the Little Pigeon River.

Foxfire Mountain Adventures boasts the 330-foot long Bridge to Prosperity, which crosses 70 feet above a river to Prosperity Mountain. Besides hiking the longest swinging bridge in the United States, the park includes the Goliath zip line course, the highest, longest and fastest zip line in the Smoky Mountains. Rope courses, ATV tours and other outdoor thrills also await.

Do Your Wellness Travel with Aero Capital Flight Services!

Whatever wellness activity you want to do and wherever the wellness destination is that you want to go, Aero Capital Flight Services can fly you, your family and friends on its private jet. Give us a call today so we can help you get started improving your health and wellbeing!