Flying Internationally on Private Aircraft a Better Experience

Flying Internationally on Private Aircraft a Better Experience

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Flying Internationally on Private Aircraft a Better Experience

flying internationally on private aircraft

Skip feeling frazzled by waiting in long and invasive security and custom lines when you choose a commercial flight for a trip overseas. Instead, take a pleasant, hassle-free flight. Flying internationally on private aircraft offers convenience and efficiency to its passengers. Security and customs get done way quicker and eliminate stress and frustration.

Flying Internationally on Private Aircraft a Pleasant Experience

Dread waiting in those long Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lines that put you through security checks that make you feel like a guilty person? Skip lines, X-ray machines, wands, removing shoes, clothing, belts and jewelry and book a private jet, instead.

Plus, you can expect a much easier and quicker passage through customs.

When you fly privately, aircraft captains meet you in a much more comfortable and laid-back atmosphere in a private jet terminal. Aircraft captains still need to check passports before flying you to another country. While they have the right to search your luggage, they rarely do. In addition, bringing liquids or your precious pets on the flight typically pose no problem.

Sit back and enjoy your flight to the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico!

The Customs Process on Private Flights

Another advantage to flying internationally on private aircraft: The customs process goes so much smoother and faster at private terminals than in your standard commercial airports.

When returning to the United States after a relaxing and entertaining vacation to Jamaica, Cancun or Vancouver, the private aircraft must stop at the first “point of entry” to clear customs. Sometimes this may require a special stop, since not all airports have a designation as point of entry.

However, no matter where you have come from customs officials walk to the private aircraft to clear travelers.

Remember, you must show them a valid passport and any required visas. In addition, you remain subject to the same customs restrictions as commercial passengers. You must make declarations about any imports you have with you and pay the applicable duties or fees.

Choose Aero Capital Flight Services for Your International Trip!

We can fly you anywhere to the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada in style. Call us today to book your exotic trip! Before takeoff, check with us about the latest recommendations or regulations to your international destination. Then, enjoy flying internationally on private aircraft, an experience that feels like riding in a stretch limo in the sky.