Enjoy Satisfying Meals on Flights with Private Jets

Enjoy Satisfying Meals on Flights with Private Jets

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Enjoy Satisfying Meals on Flights with Private Jets

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Meals on flights aboard a private jet can include more than a small bag of peanuts when heading to an important business meeting or with your family on a much-needed vacation. Delicious sandwiches or specially prepared dishes can be available among other fulfilling foods. We can help you order ahead of time to have warm, fresh meals delivered along with drinks that we can supply from our on board galley.

Meals on Flights Aboard a Private Jet

Before planning meals on flights aboard a private jet, you should be aware of a few things. For one, your palate changes at 45,000 feet. High altitude, low humidity, low air pressure, recirculated air, engine and wind noise all combine to make salt taste less salty and sweets taste less sweet.

American and German researchers looked at this issue. They found your ability to taste salt decreases roughly 30 percent, while your ability to taste sugar drops about 20 percent. Perceptions of both bitter and sour tastes remain about the same.

Know, too, that the galley on our private jet lacks a microwave or oven to heat up food. But no worries. We can help you plan pre-plated meals from your favorite restaurant or catering service. These should require no extra preparation, reheating and be simple to self-serve.

Hot Trends in Food

One of the hottest trends for in-flight meals includes eating light and refreshing foods. It can help you stay sharp, focused and energized while flying.

Plus, lighter fare compensates for feeling full and sluggish quicker in the sky. Besides the change in your taste buds, once above 30,000 feet, your metabolism slows down by 30 percent.

So, for your meals on flights choose foods such as light salads, fruit, eggs, low sodium soups and other herbs and veggies. In addition, smaller sized servings help beat this challenge.

Food from a deli or hot new restaurant have also become more popular with our passengers, rather than catering services.

Best Foods and Wines During Flight

Chefs who specialize in cooking in-flight dishes maintain for the best tasting foods roast or grill them, such as chicken, salmon and vegetables. Avoid poached or steamed food for your meals on flights.

They also recommend serving foods rich in umami, which occurs naturally in tomatoes, mushrooms, meats and many other foods.

Wines that taste best include ones with both fruit and savory characteristics and a pronounced minerality, sommeliers report. Skip subtle-tasting wines and ones highly acidic or tannic.

Aero Capital Flight Services Can Serve Up More Than Ice Cold Drinks on Your Next Trip!

You bring tasty food and we will bring the drinks on your next private flight with Aero Capital Flight Services. You don’t have to munch on peanuts, like commercial airlines typically serve its passengers. Make sure to plan ahead and know our highly skilled staff can provide help. Call us today to book your private charter for your business or vacation travel.