First Time Flyer on a Private Jet? Here's what to Expect!

First Time Flyer on a Private Jet? Here’s what to Expect!

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First Time Flyer on a Private Jet? Here’s what to Expect!

Private Jet Charter First Time Flyer

Interested in private jet charter for your upcoming trip or vacation? Here are four things to know before you board that jet airplane.

 Flying on a private jet for the first time is an exciting experience. Very different from your typical airline experience, private jet charter offers luxury, expedience, and convenience for the modern world. If you’ve never flown on a private jet airplane before, here’s a simple breakdown of what you can expect.

Red Carpet Service: 4 Things to Expect From Private Jet Flights

Whether you’re chartering a plane for a business trip or taking the family on vacation, these four things about private jets are refreshingly different:

1. Private Jets are Efficient

With a private jet charter, there’s no waiting around in an airport for your flight to leave…or be delayed. If you have a 2:30 flight, you show up at 2:15, board the plane, and go! The schedule revolves around you rather than the aircraft and a few hundred other people.

2. Private Jets are Cost-Effective

Many people view private jets as being prohibitively expensive, but the opposite is actually true. While there is a difference in ticket price between a commercial plane and a private plane, private jets can actually be quite affordable for business or personal trips. And when you factor in the added comfort and convenience you’ll get from flying private, there’s no doubt the price is worth it!

3. Private Jets are Convenient

Went on a shopping spree? Have delicate items you need to transport? Flying with pets? None of these things is a problem if you find yourself on a private jet.

 Because the operators and staff of a private jet are entirely focused on you and your needs, they’ll do everything in their power to ensure your flight is comfortable and accommodating from start to finish.

4. There are Fewer Delays on a Private Jet

One of the major hazards of modern air travel is delays. Virtually everyone has had the experience of being stuck in some airport somewhere, waiting for a plane to leave. It’s frustrating, stressful, and makes it virtually impossible to enjoy your trip as it was previously scheduled.  Fortunately, this is less likely to happen with private jet charter.

Because private flights can be scheduled around your needs, and are not bound to the same take-off and landing schedules as commercial planes, they have more freedom and flexibility regarding their flight patterns.

This means you can hop around bad weather, land at a different airport, or flex your landing times according to what’s going on outside. It’s a more intelligent way to travel – plain and simple.

Private Jet Charter: The Travel Solution for All Your Needs

Regardless of what your travel needs may be, a private jet charter is an excellent option to explore. By providing a safe, cost-effective, efficient, and highly personalized method of travel, chartering a private jet has quickly become the option of choice among frequent flyers, high-powered executives, and people transporting delicate medical or pharmaceutical items.

If you’ve got questions about private jet charter or would like to learn more about the process of flying private, contact our team for more information today.