How to Avoid Holiday Travel Delays by Flying Private

How to Avoid Holiday Travel Delays by Flying Private

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How to Avoid Holiday Travel Delays by Flying Private

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The airport is packed. Everywhere you look, people are bustling to get to their gates. There are screaming kids, flustered parents, people bundled in layers they’ll only have to take off once they get to security and then on the plane…if they ever manage to actually board their planes.

You’re right in the midst of the crush, running to get to your gate. When you arrive, though, you find nothing but a packed seating area and a closed door. The flight is delayed. Your travel is now ten hours off schedule. There goes your weekend.

If you’ve ever had this experience during holiday travel, you are not alone.

According to the Bureau of Transportation, 18.93% of flights were delayed in 2018, and more than 78,608 flights were canceled altogether. A whopping 10,608 more flights were diverted to different destinations altogether. These issues, often due to weather, airline and security delays, and National Aviation System delays are frustrating at worst, and catastrophic at best.

So, what’s the answer? Is there a way to avoid delays, crowded airports, and lines during your Thanksgiving or Christmas travel?

Luckily, the answer is yes: all you need to do is charter a private jet.

Why Charter a Private Jet During Holiday Travel?

Traveling during the holidays is a lesson in delays, stress, and inconvenience.  Not only are airport lines longer, but weather is more unpredictable and flight volumes are at their peak.

Flying by private jet, on the other hand, ensures you arrive at your destination on time and on your schedule.  With a private flight, you don’t have to worry about getting home or being stuck in an airport. At the end of the day, holidays are stressful enough.  Flying private allows you to relax, sit back, and celebrate with loved ones.

Here are a few additional perks of flying private:

  • Fewer Delays. Today, 6.01% of all flight delays are due to air carrier issues, 0.99% owing to weather, and 6.67% are due to problems with the National Aviation System. While private jets aren’t entirely immune to delays, it’s much less likely that you’ll spend your holiday sitting in crowded airports if you charter a private jet.
  • No Lines. A private jet flies on your schedule, not the other way around. Add the fact that private airports outnumber commercial ones, and it’s easy to see how flying private allows you to avoid long lines and experience the convenience you need to enter your holiday rested, happy, and ready to live in the moment.
  • You Won’t Have to Check Heavy Bags. One of the biggest headaches of holiday travel is flying home with more luggage than you flew there with. When you pack your bags with gifts and surprises, it can create an expensive baggage fee on your return flight. Luckily, flying private means you won’t have to check your heavy bags, and can instead keep them on the plane with you.
  • Less Stress. Flying private is just less stressful – plain and simple. You get to fly with your friends and family, enjoy a comfortable and well-appointed plane, and skip all of the technicalities (such as security, long lines, and uncomfortable airports) that make flying commercial such a headache.

Ditch the Airlines: Fly Private This Holiday Season

If you’ve been stressing about your holiday travel this year, you can rest assured that there is a better way. While flying commercial can be stressful and uncomfortable, flying private creates a comfortable and customized experience for you and your companions. To learn more about chartering a private jet this holiday season, contact Aero Capital for a free quote today.